[Office365] How to force full sync (without open ILM)

The first synchronization with DirSync is a full synchronization. Then all others synchronizations are delta synchronizations and are scheduled every 3 hours…
This synchronization, if we don’t need rich coexistence, consists of three steps (regardless of the type of synchronization).

Full (or Delta) Full Import (or Delta) Sync
Full (or Delta) Confirming Import

Contrary to what some sites may indicate using ILM console is not recommended and should not be available to anyone.
You can easily launch a full synchronization using the following procedure:

Changing the registry key
Open the Registry Editor and renre to the key:

Search FullSyncNeeded value and pass it to 1

Initiating synchronization
Launch the synchronization console:
%programfiles%\Microsoft Online Directory Sync\DirSyncConfigShell.psc1

Run the following command:

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