[eSk8] Rise and Ride

About a year ago, I decided to have a try in Electric Skateboard.
I had never skate before, but the sensations of sliding really appeal to me, feeling of freedom, possibility to ride on kilometers on the banks of Marne (France) for almost 45 km, …

Then I started with a Yuneec e-Go board in April 2017.
I wanted to know if it would please me at « cheap price » (around 600€). Well, cheap price mean cheap board, I realized very quickly that I was limited in both autonomy and power.

So less than a month later, after a lot of research, I went to « Evolve » and bought their Carbon GT (2000€) in May 2017.
I wanted a board « ready for use » with good feedback and high-end.
I broke my piggy bank but I was more than satisfied. I could ride almost 45Km make beautiful acceleration, and the carving  <3 …

In parallel, I joined the most active FB groups on the subject. And very clearly the group e-sk8 – la communauté française des riders électriques who will have taught me the most.

I met a lot of passionate people, self-entrepreneurs, …
And what is incredible is that even beyond France, people help each other and complement each other in their expertise.

e-Toxx (Germany), Trampa (England), Riako (France), Overion (France), Unik (France), eBoard-Shop (US), LongHairedBoy (US)…

After a few months of intensive riding, I had two accidents.
The last one being a rupture of the inner cruciate ligament (no wrinkle for several months).
But this is the precedent that changed my point of view on boards. An unattached dog cut me off the road (please have a look at the danger manual from LongHairedBoy. hilarious, indispensable and so hype on the living room table) and my board finished in a river. My BMS grilled (and I thought one of my engines too). By going to the dealer, the quote for an engine and the BMS was more than 200 € while on the internet, we find the engine less than 40 €.

It was then that I started to imagine the improvements I would like to see on my board while setting the price I want (quality/price ratio). So I asked for advice on the group FB stating that I wanted to learn as much as possible about the different parts of an eSk8 while having a quality product.
This is where I met Riako (CEO and founder of aMadRide). He proposed to work on a build of our own while taking the time to explain to me the role and operation of each component.
It is in winter that we started a work of several months on a build full of surprises.

I discovered a passion, I met a remarkable band and am sure I will practice this sport for a long time.

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