My professional career

Engineer: Someone who performs precision work based on unreliable data provided by those whose knowledge is questionable. See also "Wizard", "Magician"

Microsoft - Unified Communications consultant

Current position since November 2011

I joined Microsoft in November 2011 when Office 365 began to prove itself. Working directly with the editor is the best opportunity I could ever see. it was a challenge for me, but a successful challenge.

I have seen many projects, both small and large projects. If I were to remember a few, it would most certainly be the following:

  • Role: Consultant & technical leader
  • Project: Migrating from Exchange 2003 to Office 365 (40k mailboxes)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • More about the customer:
  • Role: Consultant & technical leader
  • Project: Migrating from three Office 365 environments to a fourth (hybrid model on legacy environment for one Tenant, identity federation for two environments, …)
  • Duration: 8 months (cut-over migration over 3 weekends)
  • More about the
  • Role: Consultant
  • Project: Migration from BPOS-D to Office 365 (~40k mailboxes)
  • Duration: 3 months (cut-over migration over a weekend)
  • More about the

VNext - Unified Communications consultant

October 2010 - October 2011

Supinfo - Campus Lab Manager

December 2009 - August 2011

Roche DIagnostics - IT Technician

August 2007 - September 2009