Things i’d tell my teenaged self

Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.

You’re doing it right.

Writing to itself is something a little special. The goal here is not to change my past, your future. I am happy today and I do not want to change anything. This would be a way to tell you that you will not be always successful, you won’t fail, I’m still alive and i love my life.

There was a time, I know, where I could never have believed it. Believe that I could love my life, that I can find how to enjoy my daily and especially know who to call when I have worries. No matter what you can think in the most complicated moments, never give up, follow your dreams and do your best every days. I know that you will often think of what you could have done better, or could have done differently. This is in some way my state of mind today.

You may appear as not humble to lot of people, but do not forget that it is your, our, past that makes us what we are today. You do make others around you happy, you just can’t see it. And still today i am very clumsy in my relationships, and very complicated in my way of making myself understood.

At 33 34, I have achieved some of my goals, abandoned others and have new ones. There are days when I feel alone, terribly alone, but I’m not and have never been. Life has many surprises for us.

I do not want to spoil you with certain surprises or trials, once again, we are what we are thanks to our experiences… You will grow, you will learn a lot, fall and love a little more every day. I know you’re gonna make it, regardless of the pitfalls along the way.

Ha! You have no children, continue like that for the peace of all some of your relatives, a Jimmy  Jr. might be too much for them (Edit : not for all).

Be patient, see the big picture. You can do it, goals don’t come with a tima limit.

Edit : Your 33rd year has been an excellent year, beautiful meetings, objectives that you could have thought unachievable will have been accomplished very easily ...
Never give up :)

34yo Jimmy

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